COI, Copyright, and Permission

Conflict of Interests (COI)

The authors are required to submit the signed and dated Conflict of Interests before their accepted books and chapters were published. Please access following link to sign and date the Conflict of Interests Form:


The editors and authors of Insights Publisher have two choices for the copyright of their published paper. The first is they can transfer the copyright to Insights Publisher, so the Permission from the publisher is needed if the paper or some parts of the paper is needed to be spread, advertized, propagated, republished, reprinted, or changed. The illegal or business use of the paper will sue claims. The second choice for the editors and authors is that they can keep the copyright of the book and chapters, but under this situation, they need pay $300,000 (USD) for the copyright keeping, and once kept, all rights will belong to the authors, and then NO permission from the publisher is needed. No matter which choice the authors finally decided, the Copyright Transfer or Keeping Agreement should be signed before publication. Once the transfer agreement is signed, the authors need pay $600,000 (USD) if they want to redeem the copyright. If the publisher did not get the signed copyright form before the assigned publication date, the publisher will keep all rights and the authors cannot redeem the copyright any more.

Please access following link to sign and date the Copyright Agreement Form:


If a paper or some contents of the paper was needed to be reprinted for non-illegal and non-commercial purposes, the permission for use application is needed for the users. As thus the Permission Form should be filled. After reviewed and signed by the publisher, the form will be returned to the applicants. No payment is required for the permission application and other-place use.

Please access following link to sign and date the Permission Application Form:

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