Hardcover Book Format

How are hardcover books different from trade paperback books?

Our hardcover books feature a durable cloth binding, an embossed spine and a full color dust jacket. The additional space provided by the interior of the dust jacket allows us to print a synopsis of your book and your author biography on the inside flaps, while the back cover will display your marketing copy or reviews. Your hardcover edition will be assigned a unique ISBN.

If you choose our hardcover option, your hardcover book will be available to order from online book retailers worldwide including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. The retail price of hardcover books is approximately $10 more than your trade paperback, to cover the additional costs of production, and the delivery time of book orders is about seven days longer than for a paperback edition.

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What sizes of hardcover books do you publish?

We publish hardcover books in different types of sizes, which depend on the total numbers of the words the original manuscripts have.

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Does my hardcover edition need to be published in the same trim size as my paperback edition?

Since hardcover books can only be published in 5.5" x 8.5" or 6" x 9" trim sizes, it's best for the size of your paperback to match the size of your hardcover. For example, if you choose to publish your paperback book in an 8.25" x 11" trim size, it will need to be reformatted to fit either a 5.5" x 8.5" or 6" x 9" hardcover trim size since we do not publish 8.25" x 11" hardcover books. Reformatting your paperback edition for this purpose may require an additional fee; please ask a publishing consultant or your Publishing Services Associate for more information.

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What are the page length requirements for hardcover books?

Hardcover books have a higher page length requirement than trade paperback books. The hardcover format requires a minimum of 100 pages in the final printed format. This equates to 30,000 words in manuscript format (e.g. Microsoft Word document).

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How do I select the option to have my book published as a hardcover, and how does production work?

Hardcover format is included with some packages, so be sure to check your package details. In addition, the hardcover option is offered as an add-on service to our publishing packages. You may choose the hardcover option during the purchase of your publishing package, during the online submission process or afterwards via the "Upgrades" page of myUniverse.

When you choose the hardcover option, you will be prompted to provide excerpts or endorsements of your book for the back of the dust cover. During book production you will be given the opportunity to proof both the paperback and hardcover editions for look and feel and suggest changes as appropriate.

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I have already published with Insights Publisher. Can I get a hardcover version of my book?

Yes, hardcover formatting for existing books is available. For a fee, Insights Publisher will format your book into a 6" x 9" or 5.5" x 8.5" hardcover and will send you a complimentary hardcover copy of your book as soon as it is ready. If you choose our hardcover option, your book will be available to order from online book retailers worldwide including Barnes & Noble.com and Amazon.com.

Your book cover will be unchanged except for the addition of a synopsis for the inside cover of the dust jacket. The new hardcover format features a durable cloth binding, an embossed spine and a full color dust jacket. The retail price of a hardcover book will be approximately $40 more than the paperback edition. Contact us through Hardcover Book Order Form to order a hardcover version of your book.

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I've decided to publish my book as a hardcover. Do I need to sign a new contract?

No. Our non-exclusive contracts cover all print editions of your manuscript; thus, all clauses of the contract apply to both hardcover and trade paperback editions. This includes royalty percentages and exclusions, as well as author discounts, and all submission fees excluding the additional charge for hardcover set up. Please see our publishing agreement for more details.

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How can a customer purchase a copy of my hardcover book?

Your hardcover book will be available to order from popular online retailers, such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com, and other booksellers worldwide. Also you can order your personal additional copies through our Order Form.

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Will I receive a free author copy of the hardcover edition of my book?

Yes. When production of the hardcover edition is complete, the author will receive one free author copy. This book is in addition to the paperback books that are included in our publishing packages.

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