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Title: The Life (The United Kingdom)
(Ready for publication in March 2018)
Editors: Janna Smith
ISBN: 978-1-945121-07-2
Version: Online
Pages: 100 pages
Size: 8 in x 11 in
Color: In color
Field: Life
Category: Ethics
Chapter #: 4 Parts
Language: English
Contributing Authors #: 1
Title: EARTH als Welt (Germany)
(Ready for publication in March 2018)
Editors: André Rübsamen
ISBN: 978-1-943300-07-9
Version: In Print/Online
Pages: 150 pages
Size: 12 cm x 20 cm
Color: Print in color
Field: Science
Category: Popular Science
Chapter #: 6 Chapters
Language: German
Contributing Authors #: 1
Title: Vaginal Labor Pain Management (China)
(Ready for publication in February 2018)
From: Ob/Gy Hospital of Nanjing Medical University
Editors: Xiaofeng Shen; Shanwu Feng; Shiqin Xu; Hongjuan Ding, Fuzhou Wang
p-ISBN: 978-1-943300-02-0
Edition: First Edition
Version: In Print
Pages: 700 pages
Size: 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm
Color: Print in color
Field: Medicine
Category: Professional Science
Chapter #: 42 Chapters
Language: Chinese (Mainland, China)
Contributing Authors #: 21


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